Since the sudden death of the founder and maintainer Heribert Müller, the technikum29 computer museum is still in an interim phase. It is currently maintained by a group of volunteers, which are presented on this page. This doesn't display the full picture, since the big network of friends and supporters is not (yet) listed.

Bernd Ulmann

Bernd Ulmann (born 1970) was a collector friend of the museum's founder Heribert Müller. He also delivered several talks at the museum during the "Woche der Industriekultur" in recent years. His main interest are analog and hybrid computers but he is also fond of early DEC machines such as PDP8/12/12 and early VAX systems. Other areas of interest are classic oscilloscopes etc. He lives in Hettenhain with his wife, cats and analog computers and develops modern analog and hybrid computers. He has a professorship for business informatics at the FOM in Frankfurt/Main.

Jürgen Müller

Dr. Jürgen Müller (born 1963) is also physicist. He is leading the development of optical analysers for biological and pharmaceutical research at PerkinElmer. He spends his spare time with any kind of vintage mechanics, electronics and computer technology.
One of his archivements in the museum is the FPGA rebuild of the exact curcuit of the serial computer architectures of the 40s and 50s with its drum and runtime storages. At the moment he encountered one of the few original tube computers in the technikum29, it was immediately obvious that he will be helping to restore this computer.

Roland Langfeld

Dr. Roland Langfeld (born 1957) is physicist and held several leading positions at Schott AG, such as the head of R&D, research fellow and consultant. Since early childhood, he is interested in all kind of technology. In 1977 he built up his first micro processor system. He collects old computers, pocket calculators and chess computers. He is a passionate programmer for all architectures. Since 2016, he is working with Heribert Müller in the technikum29 for programming various computers and interfaces. Roland Langfeld is married, has two children and lives in Frankfurt.

Sven Köppel

Sven Köppel (born 1989) is one of the three children of the museum founder Heribert Müller. He is contributing to the museum since more then 15 years. The focus of his work was the interfacing of legacy paper based storage media (paper tapes and punch cards) to the contemporary computer world. This was the foundation of exchanging program codes over the internet and to effectively allow collaborators to write (contribute) codes from remote. Furthermore, Sven was active in all kind of organizational topics, such as the museum outreach and paedagocical topics. Personally, he was living for half a decade in Frankfurt am Main, where he obtained a physics degree in 2019. In his research, he got an expert in high enery physics and computational physics. Since some time, he is living with his daughter and wife in the north of Germany (city of Münster/Westfalia; close to Hamburg).


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