We are looking for patrons

After the sudden pass of Heribert Müller in 2018, the museum is about to be start from scratch. We are working hard to prepare the foundation of a non-profit society (Gemeinnütziger Verein in German, a legal entity). We are looking for support of any kind: It doesn't even matter where you are located and whether you can donate time or money.

Support in person: Get an associate

Many of us live far away from the Rhine-Maine metropolitan area, where the museum is located. Some of us come from southern Germany, some from northern Germany. Many of us have to travel half a day to reach the museum. Thankfully, Frankfurt is well-connected in terms of rail traffic and it's large international airport.

Nevertheless, we maintain a large website and a lot of code. We always look for people willing to contribute for hosting, authoring and writing, doing artwork, public outreach, writing mails, or creating relationships with other institutes.

Currently, we maintain a list of people interested in shaping the future of the museum, as well as just getting informed regularly about updates from our house. Drop us a mail if you want to get put on the list.

Financial support: Donations

Happily, the technikum computer museum has the great luck of occupying private rooms only. Nevertheless, supply costs (energy, heating expenses) only are several hundreds of Euro per month. At some point, the museum must be able to cover these costs in order to sustain its rooms. This is something where we also depend on external donations.

We can recieve donation payments in various ways: