The telegraph's rack

An extract from the area fax and writing engineering.

Humans always wanted to communicate over very long distances. In the early 20th century "Morse" was almost synonymously used for the telegraph technology. Around 1938 the first traffic telegraphs arised.

Morse writer (1876)

The picture above was printed in the little book "The technical telegraph service" from 1876. As you can see, morse telegraphs were already used at that time. This kind of technology is amazing due to it's overwhelming simplicity.
Clicking on the picture which shows the rack yields the telegraph station, made by S.A. HASLER (Bern, Switzerland).

Morsetelegraph um 1900

This telegraph station was built in the time about 1900. More than 100 years ago, no one cared about time thus communication was quite unhurried.

Morse reciever

This picture shows the edgewise view from the morse reciever. The apparature is connected to a paper tape morse transmitter from the 60s.