Mid range data processing equipment and proffessional early computers

type or manufacturer year of construction attached periphery annotations
DEC Classic 8 1965 Big tape deck "580"(**), hard disc DF 32**, 12 KB additional memory**, teletype The world's first mass-produced "mini"computer with very low serial number. The classic 8 and the peripheral devices do not contain ICs. It is a seccond-generation computer.
DEC PDP 8 I 1967-69 Teletype The 8I is DEC's first calculator with integrated circuits after the "Classic-8". 8 KB core memory.
DEC PDP 8L 1968-70 teletype-printer, two additionall memories (now 12K), two DECTAPEs incl. controller (transistor technology), punchcard reader, analog-digital-transducer and many more Early "Mini"-Computer with the size of a small cupboard (approx. 300kg). Typical old versatile industrial computer. Core memory.
The complete system is functionally attached.
DEC PDP 12 1969-73 Teletype, etc. Scientific laboratory computer with LINK-8 and PDP-8 mode.
Fully equipped computer with more than 450 modules.
DEC LAB 8e 1971/72 2 tape desks TU56, highspeed-punchcard reader and puncher, removable disk drive RK05, 8 inch floppy RX01, monitor VR12, AD-DA-converter, teletype Laboratory Computer that weights half a ton
DEC PDP 11/20 1970 highspeed-punchcard reader and puncher, teletype card M 729 is missing. First computer in DEC's PDP 11 production run with core memory technology
WANG 2200 A/B 1973 8-inch triple floppy disk rive, 36-cm removable hard-disc, punch card reader, reader for stacked cards, special BASIC-keyboard, multiple printers, teletype Perhaps the first device that looks a bit like today's computers. Pure BASIC-computer, CPU without microprocessor. CPU, power supply, keyboard and monitor are seperated. Built in tape drive: 1,7KB per meter. RAM: 8KB. disk drive: 5MB.
This very early computer is probably the only one in germany (in it's stage of expansion). Total value at that time: More than 100.000,- DM
WANG PCS II 1976 Integrated, attached doublefloppy (5 ¼-inch) The world's first personalcomputer (PC).
WANG 2200 VP** 1977 Peripheral compatible to 2200 A/B VP: Very Powerful device with advanced Basic-2 by Wang
WANG 2200 MVP** 1979 type-wheel printer, additional periphery is compatible to the 2200 A/B Computer for up to 4 work stations. 32K (64K) RAM. 80 MB hard disk system costed 80.000,- DM (that means 1000,-DM per MB) on its own and has to run in a climatized room.
**) For lack of space, these devices are stored in the archive